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Copyright Policy

You are not allowed to take the copyrighted material from our website in any form to use it elsewhere commercially or non-commercially.
Do not try to re-publish unique content of because you will be caught definitely by the help of Google alerts and other duplicate content finder services. Content published by regularly checked also through various search engines to find out any violations. Till now, these services working best for us to find out any scraped content. In case of re-publication the concerned publisher have to face legal complaints (Copyright, DMCA etc.) to designated service providers & all other authorities as per Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). The rest of work to treat you legally is handled by our team.

The material created by website including text content, site style, header, logo etc. may not be re-produced, distributed or transmitted in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of the site owner, except in the case of text quote (strictly, less than 20 words) exactly as it appears on the site, embodied in reviews & certain other non-commercial uses with active link to original content permitted by copyright law. However, not limited to only such images & files which are subjected to the concerned department/institution.

You do not have permission to commercially exploit the content. Nor may you distribute or store it in any other website/blog or page or profile. In case of any violation you have to face complaints to the concerned service providers & all other authorities as per copyright infringement laws and which may cause damage.

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