Advertise with Dyarakoti Uttarakhand (Dyarakoti Uttarakhand) offers attractive advertisement options to companies/ organizations/ institutions needing to reach the audience. We help you to achieve your marketing goals through banner advertisements and custom advertising options by which you can easily promote your product/ service/ business on our websites. We’d love to answer any questions you might have about launching your ad campaign on Dyarakoti Uttarakhand.
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See traffic stats and advertising options below.

Traffic Stats
Latest stats from Google Analytics May 2016 report:
  • Daily visits – 30K+
  • Daily page views – 110K+
  • Monthly unique visitors – 500K+
  • Monthly page views – Over 2.8 Million with 85% organic (May 2016)
  • RSS/Email subscribers – 40K+
  • Facebook fans – 9.2K+
  • Google+ followers – 1.6K+
  • Twitter followers – 150+
These stats are updated after every 03 months. In case of any queries regarding traffic data above, please contact us through Email.

Advertising Options
1. Banners – 728×90 (Header), 468×60 (Header), 300×250 (Sidebar) and 300×600 (Sidebar) are available (Will not be rotated with other advertisers, 100% serving)
2. Post Review – If your product or service or article is relevant and useful to our audience, it can be reviewed or published
3. Email – A review/ publication of your product or service or article can also be Emailed to our 40,000+ subscribers (incl social network pages)
Payment mode – Through Bank deposit
If you are looking to run a media campaign or ad placement or article as per the available advertising options, feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. Please include enough details in your requirement query so that we may respond appropriately.
Contact person – P Singh
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